Our Services

Our SARGURU THAVATHIRU RENGARAJA DESIKA SWAMIGAL ARAKATALAI is doing annadhanam for the past 27 Years, invites sponsors to do the program forever.

Schedule Food Rupees
Morning 7am Onwards Idly
Rs. 1500
Rs. 2000
Afternoon 12pm Onwards Full Meals Rs.5000
Night 7pm Onwards Variety Rice Rs.3500
AMMAVASI Annadhanam at MangadevanPatti (Village, Keeranur) -Rs.5000
Sunday Annadhanam at MangadevanPatti (Village, Keeranur) -Rs.5000
Morning Kanji Every Day at Samayapuram - Rs.1000
Theaipirrai Astami - Pongal - Panchavarna Swami Koil, Woraiyur,Trichy- Rs.2000

Services for Orphanage, Blind, Leprosy & Old Age Home

Services for Blind, Orphanages & Leprosy by Providing Food in the morning & Afternoon, (Biscuits & Snacks) Materials related to Health Care (Bathing Soaps, Washing Soaps, Coconut Oil, Gauze pieces), Mats, Towel, Cleaning Materials, Sarees ,Dhotis & Vegetables.

On Special Occasion this inmates will be provided with special varieties of food.

Other Services

Providing a Quantum of 2,500 Litres of drinking water to the public on daily basis.

Providing Fruits to Monkeys and Peacocks within a radius of 70 to 80 kms in trichy district on daily basis.

Providing Vegetables and Spinach to cattles on daily basis.

Our Support Services