Our Founder

Agasthiyar annadhanam is a volunteer based non-profit organization. We appreciate everyone to provide annadhanam as dhanam by their own hands. We are collecting "Used cloths" from the people and provide them to needy poor people and purchase coconut oil, bathing and washing soaps for the leprosy home. Also, we provide variety rice as Annadhanam in leprosy home, Blind school, Old age home and temples, as per the wish of sponsors.

Mr. V Govindaraj , is the Former and Founder of Agasthiyar Annadhanam trust - Tiruchirappalli, resided in No.154, 7th street, Ex Service man Colony, Ponmalai, Tiruchirappalli, aged 80. His wife Mrs. Saroja Govindaraj and had two daughters Premavathi, Manjuladevi and one son Ravindrakumar.

Mr. V Govindaraj, after retirement from his service. He wanted to serve the poor people in either of the way. One fine day he visited Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital, puthur. Tiruchirappalli and was unhappy after seeing the poor condition of patients. He started his self service first, by providing hot water for poor patients. By Knowing the Hot water provided, a number of beneficiary poor patients were eagerly awaited for his arrival every day. Without fail VG used to provide hot water daily and within 6 months he started giving Rice kanji served with hot with the help of his friends and volunteers. Kind hearted people after seeing the Old man VG's service for the needy, they started contributing money for Rice kanji, Pongal and Annadhanam for special occasion in their house and in workplace like birthdays of beloved ones, thithi, marriage anniversary celebrations, other family occasions, Anniversaries of private companies and industries. Witii the money provided by Good hearts die Old man VG thought to provide the annadhanam, so within year he started his service with the help of volunteers .After knowing the VG's service for needy, timely help was given by Gurunathar Arangamaha desigar from thuriyur kudil.

Sick Patients and their relatives coming to Anna! Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital, puthur, Tiruchirappalli for treatment, who does'nt have much penny to spend, stay in hospital for days. VG's service was an opportune to those people who are in need and felt very happy despite their intricate situation. One dedicated volunteer goes on regularly to hospital interior to the poor people in bed on daily basis to inform that annadhanam vehicle arrived and please bring utsensils and get benefits out of it. For about 27 years, the service is continuing in opposite to Govt hospital,Trichy. According to the words of VG "Our Service will continue"

Our Treasurer

Mr. Ravindra Kumar(VRS from Railways) has taken up his father's duty with all happiness by feeding of poor people opposite to Government Headquarter Hospital,Trichy who comes as inpatient,outpatients and their relatives coming from remote village in and around trichy. In routine,on daily basis Rice Kanji is provided in die early morning hi s 0700-0800hrs and in the afternoon 1200 - 1300hrs annadhanam is provided for 350 to 400 people every day. The daily service continues in very proper manner with the help of some volunteers who include, Young children, enthusiast adults, professionals, and Retired officers.

Volunteers :

1. Srinivasan (Retd Rly)
2. Venugopal (Retd Rly)

3. Jayaprakash (Retd dept)
4. Udhyakumar (Retd Rly)

5. Gangadharan (Fishery Dept)

6. R. Shanmugam (Rly)
7. Balu (Rly)
8. Senthil (Business)

9. S.Rajendra Prasad (Merchant Navy)

10. Pushpraj (Farmer)
11 .Rajasekharan (Rly)
12. Deenadhayalan (Rly)
13. Mohan (Retd Rly)
14. Raja (Rly)
15. Ganeshan (Retd Bank Manager)

16. Chinnadurai (Volunteer)
17. Manoharan (Rly)
18. Edwin (Rly)
19. Saravanan (Photographer)
20. Bombay deing
21. Kutty
22. Mohan (Puthur)
23. Gowrisankar (Auditor)